I am Luke Haward, I am a poker consultant and coach specialising in multi-table tournament poker as well as mindset training.

I am a poker consultant and coach with over ten years experience serving the industry. I have worked with some of the best in the industry, having been regularly featured on Jon Little’s FloatTheTurn and James Sweeney’s RedChip Poker. I have coached hundreds of players over thousands of hours, both privately and on behalf of player groups.


I have worked as a consultant and journalist more widely in the gaming community as well, most recently in my role as Head of European Content for CDC Gaming Reports. I have consulted for and managed teams of players for multiple organizations within the poker industry, including such as 2Cards College, Evolve Staking and Pokerstrategy.

I have played live (up to $10k buyins) as a sponsored pro. I am also an entrepreneur in the blockchain space, and engaged with efforts to bring an ecological focus to the blockchain.


​I have written widely in the industry, including my recent column for The Tottenham Report. I produce video content for several sites as well as my own projects such as Deepest Well, a mindset coaching service which is set to launch this year.


I serve a wide range of entities in the gaming space, including players, publications and corporate clients.


I am always interested in producing content alongside creative and reputable professionals.

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Luke Haward

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